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Condyloma aka Genital Warts

Condyloma aka Genital Warts

Genital warts is a very contagious disease that is sexually transmitted. The disease is caused by various variants of the Human papillomavirus. Usually these are the HPV 6 and the HPV 11. it is spread during oral, genital, or anal sex with someone who is infected with the virus. Approximately two-thirds of people who have anyone single sexual contact with someone who is infected with genital warts will develop warts. The disease normally develops within three months of contact.
Women will develop the warts on the outside and inside of the vagina, on the entrance to the uterus, and sometimes around the anus. Although Genital warts are equally prevalent in men as in women, the symptoms of the disease are generally much less obvious.
When a male is infected with the disease the wards are normally seen on the tip of the penis. They also may be found on the shaft of the penis, on the scrotum, and around the anus. It is very rare for genital warts to develop in the mouth or throat of a person who has been involved in oral sex with an infected partner. With that said though it is still out there! Genital warts will usually exist in clusters and can be very tiny. They can also spread into large masses in the genital or anal area.
A doctor or any health care worker can usually diagnose the disease by seeing their existance on a patient. This information is accurate to all knowledge but if you are looking for official help with Genital Warts it is recommended that you seek help from a Professional Doctor.

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Culturally Based Healing Arts

Culturally Based Healing Arts

Traditional Oriental medicine (such as acupuncture, shiatsu, and reiki), Indian systems of health care (such as Ayurveda and yoga), and Native American healing practices (such as the Sweat Lodge and Talking Circles) all incorporate the beliefs that:
* Wellness is a state of balance between the spiritual, physical, and mental/emotional “selves.”
* An imbalance of forces within the body is the cause of illness.
* Herbal/natural remedies, combined with sound nutrition, exercise, and meditation/prayer, will correct this imbalance.
Acupuncture: The Chinese practice of inserting needles into the body at specific points manipulates the body’s flow of energy to balance the endocrine system. This manipulation regulates functions such as heart rate, body temperature, and respiration, as well as sleep patterns and emotional changes. Acupuncture has been used in clinics to assist people with substance abuse disorders through detoxification; to relieve stress and anxiety; to treat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in children; to reduce symptoms of depression; and to help people with physical ailments.
Ayurveda: Ayurvedic medicine is described as “knowledge of how to live.” It incorporates an individualized regimen–such as diet, meditation, herbal preparations, or other techniques–to treat a variety of conditions, including depression, to facilitate lifestyle changes, and to teach people how to release stress and tension through yoga or transcendental meditation.
Native American traditional practices: Ceremonial dances, chants, and cleansing rituals are part of Indian Health Service programs to heal depression, stress, trauma (including those related to physical and sexual abuse), and substance abuse.
Cuentos: Based on folktales, this form of therapy originated in Puerto Rico. The stories used contain healing themes and models of behavior such as self-transformation and endurance through adversity. Cuentos is used primarily to help Hispanic children recover from depression and other mental health problems related to leaving one’s homeland and living in a foreign culture.

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Become A Better “You” With These Personal Development Tips

Helping yourself is an important part of your life planning. It needs to be planned in a way that you can accomplish all of your goals so that you can live the life you want to live. You need to research things that you can accomplish in your life. These tips below can help you with that.

If there are tasks that you need to do that seem overwhelming, divide them into a series of smaller tasks. This will help you get what you need accomplished, and you will learn how to be efficient and goal-oriented in your work. This will improve both your career and your personal life.

Enlist the help of a homeopathic remedy for situational upsets. A relationship breakup or death of a loved one can send your emotions into a tail-spin. This sometimes results in a depressive response, called situational depression. A homeopathic remedy, Ignatia amara, is derived from the Saint Ignatiur bean and helps dissolve feelings of grief or hysteria.

Unless you have a large number of income sources or a large number of deductibles, try to do your own taxes. Many large tax institutions have an online program that teaches you and guides you through your tax preparation, and it doesn’t take long, just an hour or two. Get acquainted with online tax software and save yourself some money, and be more savvy about the tax system as a whole.

Focusing on personal development non-stop could burn you out and make it difficult to stay on track. Take the time to relax and recharge to keep your energy and committment levels high. Allow yourself to be an imperfect person! Keeping a balance in your life gives you more energy for those areas you are working to change.

Make sure to stay calm and not overreact to any situation you are in. Stress is a common reaction to uncomfortable situations. If you want to lower your stress, make sure to take deep breaths and find ways to stay calm. One of the easiest ways to reduce stress is to simply slow down.

Tell the truth. It can be difficult to be honest all the time, but if you can find it in yourself to always be truthful, you will find you worry less and hold less fear in your heart. Truth has a way of unburdening people and making them feel lighter.

Give yourself credit! When you do something right, be proud of it. Don’t talk yourself down or minimize your accomplishments and even more, don’t throw away your accomplishments. If you have completed a course, won a prize, or done anything else noteworthy, take note! Build on your accomplishments to keep your self-esteem high!

Helping yourself ensures that you want to change your life for the better and that you want to accomplish your goals. By learning what steps you need to take to get that life you want, you’ll be able to get there sooner. So, do yourself a favor and apply the above tips to your self-help plan.

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Have A Cracker With Chiropractors

Have A Cracker With Chiropractors

Chiropractic healing is a kind of healing that taps the body’s ‘inner intelligence’ – that innate sense of balance the body has when a person is physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. A healing art that was developed in the United States , chiropractic healing operates on the belief that the body can heal itself if there is an uninterrupted flow of energy or nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body.

It’s interesting to note that chiropractic healing came to the fore when David Palmer was able to cure deafness by manipulating a misaligned vertebra. This miraculous healing led more and more researches into the field of chiropractic healing. Modern chiropractors trace the beginnings of this art of healing to Hippocrates, who said, “Get knowledge of the spine, this is the requisite for many diseases”.

Chiropractors work primarily with the joints that lie along the spinal column. They believe that when the vertebrae and adjoining bones are misaligned in relation to the joints, the flow of impulses from the nerve is impeded or blocked. This in turn drains the body of its ability to stay healthy. What chiropractic healing does is quite evident from the name itself; ‘cheir’ means “hand” and ‘practikos’ means “done by” – healing manipulations that seek to correctly align the bones of the vertebra to restore total health. Chiropractic philosophy grew out of a ‘wholism’ which considers the body to be a single unified organ.

During therapy, a patient may hear his joints crack however the sessions are pain-free and quite refreshing too. This ‘crack’ is actually a vacuum-created nitrogen bubble that is bursting within the joint. The actual manipulations are often very gentle, and make use of a technique called ‘non-force’. Depending upon the nature of the problem and its longevity, multiple sessions may be needed. These techniques have been found to be very effective not only in restoring strength to the spine and vertebra, but also in restoring good health so that there is vigorous flow of energy throughout the body.

Chiropractic healing is an effective treatment for muscle, joint and bone problems. It is very effective when used to treat conditions such as headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is the single most effective treatment for lower back pain. In fact, it has been so effective that it is the third largest health care profession after medicine and dentistry. Of the 36+ million Americans visiting chiropractors every year, 70% are treated for back pain, 20% for head and neck disorders and the rest are treated for other disorders. Chiropractic healing even soothes colicky babies, thereby giving harassed mothers a well-deserved break.

Chiropractic healing may also help people who are partially paralyzed. Therapy is not contained to the paralyzed parts of the body. Many confined individuals suffer from excessive shoulder and arm related injuries that come from the stress of using a wheelchair. Strengthening exercises help to prevent future injuries and harden the areas that are prone to over-use.

While one branch of Chiropractic healing keeps itself strictly within the parameters of hand-manipulation, another branch called Osteopathy actively uses heat, massage, nutrition and other therapies to achieve the same results. Chiropractic healing coaxes the body to heal itself, thus it is a great adjunct to traditional medicine.

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How Does Homeopathy Treat High Blood Pressure?

How Does Homeopathy Treat High Blood Pressure?

Homeopathy is an all-natural remedy that is known to treat many health conditions, high blood pressure included. It is already being practiced by many physicians and practitioners worldwide.

For years, experts have researched different remedies on how to get to the basic roots of high blood pressure that oftentimes lead to hypertension and even death. The food and the kind of environment that people are exposed now are some of the reasons pointed out as causes of high blood pressure.

Lots of treatments have already been created. Medicines can stop the high blood pressure from getting worst. But then, this is one disease that comes back again in the future even be the cause of death.

Two concepts have been developed in homeopathy treatments. These are potentization and similars.

It is said that diseases happen when people are exposed to certain substances. The idea behind homeopathy is when that same substance is prepared properly; it will become the stimulant that will form the curative power of the body during times of diseases. This is the similars concept.

Potentization, on the other hand is the process of repeated successions and dilutions. Substances undergo these processes to become homeopathic remedies. It is believed that the continuous successions and dilutions triggers the substance a change in energy and gives it the potential to cure. Chemical contents are also removed in this process. Thus making it safe to take just like any other types of medicines.

What make homeopathy treatments reassuring for high blood pressure patients are its non-toxic and safe ingredients. If used properly, it can offer positive effects on the condition. But there are also cases when these remedies do not produce any effect at all.

Contrary to any high blood pressure treatment, homeopathy remedies are not made to treat the disease itself. For the remedy to be effective, it should match the body system of an individual. This is because every body has different and unique responses not only to diseases but also to medicines being taken.

This is why even if two persons are suffering from the same disease; the result will not always be the same. The treatment may be effective on one but can turn out disastrous on the other. This is the concept that homeopathy considers in the process of making remedies for high blood pressure.

For high blood pressure homeopathy treatment, you need the assistance of professionals to guide you. They are the ones qualified to prescribe the right amount of remedies to take. He or she who will also be the person who can monitor the changes and the healing process that will occur.

Your doctor or professional expert still has to do some diagnostic tests to know how serious your case is. When aggravation occurs, they will be the ones who can tell you if it is part of the treatment or if it is a sign of the healing process.

Professionals are also the ones who can monitor and make sure that the proper remedy is followed. This is because there are cases wherein patients with high blood pressure get so impatient and like to take unnecessary remedies.

High blood pressure is not something to take lightly. There are other means of medication that will ensure relief from this sickness for a long time. This is what homeopathy can do for you.

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Holistic Medicine As Compared With Other Medical Practices

Holistic Medicine As Compared With Other Medical Practices

Holistic medicine is health care that comprises all the aspects of one’ s personality to obtain the optimum state of wellness. It encompasses the process of looking into the wholeness of the person including nutritional, physical, environmental, spiritual, lifestyle and social values. Holistic medicine includes virtually all treatments and diagnosis known to achieve balance in personality. It upholds the responsibility of educating one’s self to attain the ideal over-all health and well being.

Holistic medicine and Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is commonly associated with holistic medicine. By definition, alternative medicine is the medical techniques that are usually not accepted or practiced by conventional medical practitioners. Most alternative medicines are founded to have rooted on unscientific, untested and untraditional principles. Often, these forms of medicine are closely associated with metaphysical components and anti-scientific stands.

Many of these techniques don’t normally have pharmaceutical values like the acupuncture, herbalism, Reiki, homeopathy and the likes. Yet the alternative medicine may also be used in experimental non-drug and drug techniques that are not yet accepted in the medical circles. The future of alternative medicine holds on the potentiality of transforming the “alternative medicine” into conventional medicine since it is now becoming widely appreciated and practiced by medical doctors. In fact, complementary medicine is the term used for alternative medicine practiced in combination with conventional medicine.

Due to these changes in view of the alternative medicine, holistic medicine has become a more preferable option among those who are quite doubtful of the alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine may appeal to metaphysical beliefs and so does the holistic medicine but on milder and more scientifically based approach. Yet the knowledge applied in holistic medicine still cannot hide the fact that it tends to cling to non-scientific knowledge.

Simply put holistic medicine claims to cure and treat the whole person. Holistic medicine stresses out the unification of the mind and the physical body. Holistic medicine practitioners give credence to the belief the man is not a pure physical body with systems and parts that encompass it. Man is also a spiritual being that requires spiritual healing. Holistic medicine concerns itself to the belief of the connection between the spirit and emotions and mind.

The gap between holistic medicine and alternative medicine is closed by the common practice of not using drug treatments and surgeries. They usually employ meditation, herbs, prayers, vitamins and minerals, as well as exotic diets in treating certain ailments.

Holistic Medicine and Conventional Medicine

Allopathy or conventional medicine defines individual health as the non-occurrence of diseases, which appeals to be a negative approach in defining the condition. Holistic medicine on the other hand concerns itself on a person’s absolute state of physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being.

As based on the definition given (that is commonly used among medical practitioners), orthodox medicine remains to deal with one’s susceptibility to diseases instead of the wellness as opposed by holistic medicine. Based on common observations, conventional medicine typically doesn’t apply to healthy individuals. While holistic medicine focuses on the quality of living practiced by people. Sick people normally don’t seek medical attention not until the symptoms of the disease/s are obvious. Thus, there is too little preventive treatment against sickness.

There are great differences between holistic medicine and the conventional type both in the diagnosis and treatments. Most of which are scientifically based. In oppose to this stand, diagnosis in holistic treatment are conceived through the manifestations of body imbalance. These are determined through certain procedures distinctive only to holistic medicine and other related medicinal practices.

People who have already undergone any of these procedures claim that is not bad trying on or all of these practices. Yet individual preferences still have the hand on what will be accepted as the ideal procedure.

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Allergic to Mosquitoes

Allergic to Mosquitoes

Even if mosquitoes don’t carry the widely-feared diseases, they are still nuisances. So much more so to those who are allergic to mosquitoes. The symptoms of the allergies can be as deadly as the diseases that mosquitoes are capable of transmitting.

There homeopathic remedies can be taken in before mosquitoes bite. Of course, you really wouldn’t have any idea when you are going to get bitten, but if you know you are going to be exposed, you can lessen your reactions by taking in remedies. Those who are allergic to mosquitoes may also try antihistamines so that their symptoms wouldn’t be too severe.

There are thousands of mosquito species in the world. While only a small number are disease-carriers, mosquito bites that are free from the deadly diseases can still result in severe allergic reactions. Children and those beyond 50 years old are more susceptible to mosquito bites. Admittedly, scratching the bites is basically like acting on impulse. However, too much scratching actually worsens it. It can cause bleeding, scabbing, and can even lead to infection. There are people who, no matter how they keep their fingers off the bite mark, still suffer severe symptoms than others. These people are most likely allergic to mosquitoes. They can best reduce their symptoms by taking in medicines way before they expose themselves to mosquitoes. The different kinds of homeopathic remedies supposedly work to increase the natural healing powers of your body.

For people who are allergic to mosquitoes, it is a good idea to find out how they can make themselves less attractive to mosquitoes. Aside from the age factor, there are people who are actually more “tasty” to mosquitoes. Bright, floral clothing will only increase your susceptibility. Choose colors like khaki, beige, or olive which are not the mosquitoes’ most favorite colors. Some people believe that certain fragrances from perfume, shampoos, and soaps are a great come-on for mosquitoes. However, it is also a fact that sweat is just as likely to drive them towards you. There are those allergic to mosquitoes who take a bath before going outdoors to lessen their chances of being bitten. Generally, mosquitoes do their biting ritual from dusk until dawn, although some species, especially those that carry the Dengue disease, prefer to bite during the day. Using repellent lotions and keeping much of your skin covered when outdoors should decrease your chances of having mosquito bites.

Mosquitoes are mostly present in areas where still water can be found. If you are or someone in the family is allergic to mosquitoes, it is advisable to survey your home and the area around for any still water. The best way to stop a problem is to kill its source.

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Internet Dating Service! Which Online Dating services Do You Prefer?

Internet Dating Service! Which Online Dating services Do You Prefer?

With so many Internet dating service web sites popping up these days, it’s starting to have many online daters scratching their heads and wondering which dating service they would prefer!

Everyday there seems to be dating sites with titles such as Internet dating, dating free, dating personals, and Internet singles. Every time you do a search more pop-up like weeds in spring, but which dating site do you feel would fulfill your dating needs would be the ultimate question, and to find the answer, we have broken down some major relationship sites that offer individuals services that target certain personalities.

Yahoo Personals: This dating personals site has an appeal to singles world wide, and you can easily meet hundreds of single people from all over the globe, to many matches in your own backyard. They provide you all the tools from emailing, chatting, and photo submission, to special personality tests to find you compatible matches. Keep in mind the more services you require, the more the monthly fees will cost, but if you’re into having all the tools at your disposal, then your online dating experience could be fun and entertaining. This service targets free spirit individuals, and singles that want an experience that is more casual to start, leading up to possible longer term relationships.

TRUE: Is a site that targets online dating singles that are searching for a serious relationship, and if you’re out to have a good chat with singles only looking to have online friendships, then don’t involve yourself in this dating service. However, if you’re tired of the dating scene, and you’re ready for a quality matchmaking service that can help you find true love, you will definitely find this service to be the right one for you. Online members are screened with strict guidelines and dating policies, and any false information will not be tolerated. So don’t even think about changing your name, or using an alias! This online dating site tailors to the individual that have been dating in the community, with more date experience, and currently had enough of the head-games involved in trying to establish a connection with their soul mate.

YouCanGetMe: This unique dating and matchmaking site offered out of the UK, attracts singles world wide, and is one we had to leave for last to talk about! They have taken the next level of dating by adding leading edge technology, and cater to the singles that want more in an online dating experience. With the combination of interactive features such as audio and visual tools that allow the single men and women to view and hear who they’re actually meeting online, the days are gone with this service of trying to establish if the photo your looking at, or the email you’re reading is actually the person you’re communicating with. What better way than to see and hear your future match, so you can make sure you’re actually meeting the right person.

This online matchmaking service is for single individuals that are not too comfortable with the Internet dating process, or just want the additional filtering features to help in their decision making process in finding a quality match.

In the end all these dating services are online for one purpose, to find you a compatible match. What it comes down to when selecting a personals or dating site is your budget, and your specific needs in meeting someone online. Whether you’re searching for a good friendship, a long lasting relationship, or a variety of discreet encounters, one thing to keep in mind is that sourcing the most reputable dating services over the Internet will end up saving you time, money, and most of all offer you the best online personals experience that will provide hours of fun, as well as possible serious encounters.

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Alternative Therapies – What, Why and How Of It

Alternative Therapies – What, Why and How Of It

Alternative Therapies and alternative medicine has been gaining ground along with conventional treatments. Alternative therapies have been practiced for thousand of years especially in the east commonly known as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Modern medicine has replaced such therapies due to its ability to quickly suppress the symptoms and treat the specific physical condition with pharmacological and surgical methods evolved after much research.
However the modern medicine too has severe side effects due to its toxicity and chemical interference in cellular functioning. This has resulted in alternative therapies and alternative medicines gaining ground. The inability of the medical science to quickly tackle the outbreak of immunity related disorders and disease like Aids and SARS have rekindled the interest in alternative therapies.
Alternative therapy and medicine has also gained respectability as more and more clinical trials and research is establishing the efficacy of its treatments.
Alternative therapies have very simple principles.
The body can heal itself. You only need to facilitate the self-healing process.
Prevention is the key to healthy living. The alternative medicinal system stresses on prevention of disease through a change in diet, use of proven herbs and lifestyle changes which while preventing the disease also helps in dealing with the basic cause of any disease.
Each system of alternative medicine has their own complex method of diagnoses and treatment; broadly they focus on balancing the energies in the body as well as the emotional aspects of disease. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as homeopathy works on the principle of assisting the body to heal itself.
All treatments in alternative therapy use medicines which are directly derived from botanical sources – ingredients in plants. They are generally safe in moderate doses if they are prepared with pure essence of such botanicals and unadulterated with any form of chemicals.
Selecting the right herbal products
There are plenty of spurious products in the market with tall claims. Buy only from the best source after verifying the background and credibility of the company.
Don’t go by claims of miraculous cures. You need to understand how each product works and go by the research available on the herbs along with the traditional history of healing.
Buy the herbal or food supplements only after verifying whether company is meeting with the quality standards and test certifications. Check whether the ingredients on the label are as per the claims on the advertisements.
Plenty of information is available from the website of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or NCCAM website for complementary and Alternative medicine.
A final word of caution while using alternative medicines and therapies, whatever the claims made or facts about the medicinal and curative properties do not stop your regular treatment recommended by a doctor.
It is best to use these products as a preventive and for good health. Do not use the products for symptomatic relief but for therapeutic use.
Use the alternative medicine as complementary or as an adjuvant therapy to your regular medicine. Use of herbal remedies as a preventive or as food and health supplements is the best way to go as you do not run the risk of interference with your regular treatment of any disease or disorder.

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Introduction to Homeopathy

Introduction to Homeopathy

Now You’re Wondering What Homeopathy Is?

Throughout the course of civilization, medicine has played a massive role that it defined the boundaries between terminated breathing and extended breathing. It has also furnished for itself various faces that if one were not careful enough, he might find himself confused between what is considered traditional, folk, alternative or conventional medicine.

Developments for medical science provide us more options for treatments and cures on the numerous diseases and illnesses that trouble men. Among these is homeopathy.

Not surprisingly, the word “homeopathy” first appeared in print during the turn of the century, the age when men seem to have particular interest on advancements. The idea of homeopathy was not new though. In fact, 2000 years back, Hippocrates (the father of medicine) has already laid paths towards its later appearance in medicine. He suggested that medicine, in fact, divided in two major divisions-antipathic medicine or cure using the principle of contraries or opposite sensations and second, homeopathy or cure using the principle of similarities. Only, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, dealt explicitly on it and produced various writings exploring the extent of uses homeopathy has.

To create a distinction between antipathic form of treatment and homeopathic form of treatment we have included some examples in this article.

In line with the principles of opposites, antipathy uses various treatments that are directly opposing the source of illness. Say for constipation, laxatives are used. For inflammation, substances with anti-inflammatory properties are applied to the body so as to create the effect of healing. And lastly, for acidic stomachs, people use antacids.

However, with homeopathy, similar sufferings are utilized to produce a curing effect.

For example, people with hay fever are suggested to use onion to encourage the nose to work since the fumes from the onion could naturally make people cry. Another obvious example is the use of venom in curing blood poising.

There are three basic principles in homeopathy:

First is the principle of like cures like. To give more stress on this, we can use colds as example. People with colds who display symptoms similar with that of mercury poisoning could be treated with mercury.

Second is the principle of minimal dose. History books would tell us that one time Hahnemann had an experience with a diluted substance in his test tube that caused him to realize that the more diluted a substance is, the more likely it is to be of good help to some sickness.

Third is the principle of single remedy. This suggests that even if one disease offers numerous symptoms, there must be a source which could define what can be used in treatment and what can do nothing against the disease. This roots in the identification of the real culprit, after which all other symptoms could share with the treatment of the source.

You may find these principles in other forms of medicine as well. However, the emphasis given to them in this area is significantly broader and more focused.

Like with other fields, homeopathy has its own pros and cons. It is just a matter of mastering the art of curing using similar sensations and in choosing what could best apply on the needs as specified by the symptoms. But unlike others, the methods used and the procedures are less extensive and therefore, less risky.

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