Freedom from Genital Warts: Choosing a Cure

Genital warts are common for those people who are sexually active which are then transferred from one person to another in the same area where the affected person has it. There are more or less half of the United States population that experiences this kind of growth. Even so, it’s nice to know that there are lots of options to choose from and what’s comforting is that there are high chances of getting rid of genital warts just by choosing the right treatment and the right person to help you.

Solutions are readily available although for those that have acquired an HPV, chances are thin and probabilities are low because of the fact that there is still no known cure for HPV. Although, if diagnosed early, there are better chances of preventing it from becoming malignant.

Genital warts are more controversial than the usual skin wart that you see externally. Over-the-counter medicines are not usually meant for genital wart removal because of how sensitive the condition is. Still, seeing a physician is advised in order to carefully diagnose and give accurate management for the growth in particular areas of your genitals. Some may result to surgical operations.

It is not advisable that you buy drugs without related prescription because some can result in jeopardy and may worsen your condition. Creams and applications have chemicals that can be too strong for your genital skin to handle and might result to irritation or further infection.

If the genital wart is just external, there are bigger chances of eliminating it through excision. There are a lot of successful minor operations taken from removal of genital growths. This method is more dependable and has a higher success rate.

LEEP, otherwise known as Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure is a kind of cure that uses an instrument which has an end that looks like a loop. By using the equipment, the tool can extract the wart by putting the loop on the area where the wart is then sliced out of the skin. In order to get the skin together, the doctor will use cauterizing equipment on the excised skin.

Cryotherapy is a popular choice which involves application of either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen on the affected part to literally freeze the wart. Once it freezes, it is easier to remove with lower chances of bleeding. Though considered very effective, it is also one of the most expensive interventions, more expensive if you have more than one genital wart.

The disadvantages of Cryotherapy are that first, it has less occurrence of any skin scarring most especially after the procedure. This is very important for those who despise any kind of scarring caused by surgical procedures. While other preferences will leave a indispensable mark, Cryotherapy usually promises no scars at all.

There you have it – some of the most famous and acceptable ways of getting rid of genital warts. It is comforting to know that not only are there cures but one is given several options to choose from when dealing with genital warts. Just be reminded that when you have felt some of the symptoms which is usually a burning sensation around your genital area or a feeling of lumps, you have to immediately consult your doctor so that treatment can be done at once. This will also lessen the risk of forming more warts.