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Homeopathy – Between Science and Magic

homeo_1Long time ago people used to believe that those who could treat different medical condition, affections or illnesses were using magic or divine help to achieve the results. Time has passed and the medical science evolved to such a degree that specialists could easily identify what is the cause of an illness, without cutting your skin.

Today, we are facing a new change in the medical science – more people, doctors and patients alike are turning toward alternative medicine due to its benefits. The alternative medicine, and also the homeopathy, treats the person as a whole. You are more than just your body – you have your mind, your spirit and your feelings that make you who you are. One of these can often suffer an imbalance and this can lead to serious medical conditions.

What Is Homeopathy

homeopathicThe homeopathy medical science is an energetic complementary therapy, which heals the patients in all aspects – mentally, physically and emotionally, in a manner that is hard to understand for many people.

There are small pills, lotions and potions, stored in recipients that remind you of long ago times, which have the power to improve the overall state of the organism when this is in pain.

homeopathic-medicine-300x150If you are wondering how this works, you should know that the main principle of homeopathy is ,,similia similibus curantur,, which is an old concept issued first by Hippocrates and practiced by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. This principle works wonderfully even today. The word homeopathy means healing by likeness, and this is what sets the difference between allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine.

homeopathic-remedies-right.226151411_stdIn fewer words, the patients are healed and treated with substances that, normally, if they were administered to healthy persons, would result in experiencing the same symptoms of the illness.

Healing Through Awareness

You are used to see the doctor whenever you have a problem. It is true that if you go for a headache, the doctor will prescribe a headache pill. The same will happen if you go for nausea symptoms or bone pains or others alike. There is countless medication that is available in the drugstores, and you are happy if you see that the pain recedes in a short time.

However, how many of you have considered the possibility that the anti-inflammatory medication will remove your headache, but it will also affect your stomach? The combination of these kinds of medication with antibiotics is quite dangerous, and in some cases, it can also lead to perforated ulcer and other gastrointestinal problems.

The homeopathy is based on the principle that the treatment should do good and have homeopathy-stockexhnggood results, without hurting or damaging other parts of the body or organs. The goal of homeopathic medical science is not only to make the individual feel better after an illness was removed, but also to completely heal him by unblocking and re-establishing the energy of his body, by setting in motion his own vital force.

This means that the homeopathic remedies will act on the physic, but also on the soul and on the spirit. In this material world, it is hard to believe that someone or something can take care of this or has the power to change the aura of an individual. However, this is the way of homeopathic treatment.

imagesThe homeopathy will stimulate the autonomous healing process on all levels, using the vital force of different substances that can be found in the nature. The doctor prescribes the remedies, following the characteristics of the patient, his character, his mood, the way he moves, the way he talks, his built, along with his medical history of different affection.

There is no same treatment for two patients, as each person is different and homeopathy will have different effects on different people.

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