Ride the wave of ‘Wellness’ to Financial Freedom!

Ever wished that you’d timed things a little better so that your income was on par with that of Bill Gates? Perhaps you ponder how life would have been different had you the ability to see the big picture that Henry Ford saw – the NEED for automobiles, even when there were obstacles such as no roads and no gas stations to overcome in order to achieve this dream.
Had you this same ability to “think big” life could be very different right now.
Unfortunately the majority of us missed the opportunity to earn ASTRONOMICAL income levels from these trillion dollar industries, which themselves spawned trillion dollar industries, because we were either unaware of the opportunity or we chose not to take a risk. A risk that could have catapulted us to a level of wealth unlike we could ever have imagined.
Perhaps it was hard to imagine that automobiles and personal computers would have generated such astounding sales when, at the time of their creation, they were in no way a necessity of every day life. However, there were people with the valuable gift of foresight who dared to dream and who today are living a life most of us can only experience in our heads.
Until now that is.
Currently, each and every one of us is positioned to make a fortune – to take advantage of the next market boom. A boom that could see us living a life free of the many worries we face today. Whether we choose to take this opportunity, or let it pass us by as others have, is entirely up to is.
If you have the desire and determination to create a future void of financial worries and time constraints, then this article could very well change the path of your future forever.
You’re probably wondering what the next opportunity is. How can you cash in this time around? Have you heard the term Wellness? Wellness is defined as “Products and services provided proactively to healthy people to make them feel even healthier, look better, to slow the effects of aging and to prevent the development of disease”. Unlike the “Healthcare” industry (more appropriately, the “Sickness” industry) Wellness is about prevention rather than cure – it is proactive rather than reactive.
Renowned economist Paul Zane Pilzer has predicted that the Wellness industry is set to increase from $200 billion annually to $1 trillion dollars annually by 2010. In it’s short 20 year history the Wellness industry has generated annual sales that have reached half of those of the automobile industry already – a 500% growth – not bad for an industry that’s in it’s infancy and is virtually untapped. 20 years from now the growth will be phenomenal!
So why Wellness? Well, 78 million baby boomers, who have been dictating our economy for the last 20 years, are now aged between 37 and 55 and have more money and more spending power than ever before. They have been responsible for booms such as housing, utility vehicles and personal computers and their ultimate desire, as they head into the later years, is to slow down the aging process, to stay healthy, full of vitality and to look and feel every bit as young as their minds tell them they are.
How do they go about achieving these goals? Through focussing on wellness, whether it be through the services of practitioners such as naturopaths and homeopaths, exercise and fitness, the use of vitamins and minerals to accommodate for the lack of nutrition in our foods today or through other sources.
Baby boomers are not prepared to accept, as their parents have, that medication will be a necessary part of their future. Prevention of ailments and disease is a core focus for millions of people now, and into the future, and it’s only through attention to health and wellbeing and the welcoming of “Wellness” products and services into our lives that this can be achieved.
The opportunity to make a fortune from this industry is now available to each and every one of us. If you are seriously looking for an opportunity to take the ride of your life to financial freedom and security and to take back control of your future then the Wellness industry is the vehicle to take you there.
Whether you choose to enter the industry from a practitioner perspective, or through the manufacturing of wellness products, through retailing or through distribution you can be assured that any one of these means could make you a millionaire, if you just have the guts to go for it, to take a risk and to stick at it. Afterall, every person who has succeeded in business and in life has failed their way there. The difference between them and people that live a mediocre life is persistence. The ability to never EVER give up.
Don’t miss the boat on this one. If you truly want the life you have always dreamed of, the time is SO RIGHT at this point in time that you would be doing yourself a disservice to ignore the opportunity.
Jump in, take a risk, and get ready for the ride of your life!
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